Mobile Recumbent Trike Service
Mobile Recumbent Trike Service
Mobile Recumbent Trike Service

Mobile Recumbent Service

South Florida’s only Professional Trike & Recumbent Bike Specialist

I Make House Calls in South Florida

Available by appointment in Broward, Miami, and the Palm Beaches for most any service

We love our trikes and recumbent bikes. But getting them to a local bike shop can be a hassle. Not to mention the funny looks the rodie’s give you too. They just don’t understand our bents like we do.

Thomas Ondecker
Thomas Ondecker
Joe Hippo
Joe Hippo
I've only recently met Joel, but he was very interested in providing exceptional advise and high quality service. He went beyond my expectations in providing the service and made me feel more than just a customer. I'm looking foward to our next encounter.
Linda Tolly
Linda Tolly
Joel has a great passion for the triking industry. He knows the trike specific requirements and precision needed reflective in the quality of his work, I've seen firsthand. Believe me, I'm very selective as to who I let work on my trike. He takes great pride in his work and...his work ethics. Respectful submitted!
David Gott
David Gott
This guy Joel knows trikes ..he fixed mine up when I was sure I had to throw it away ...genius mechanic
Tony Davis
Tony Davis
I purchased my 1st. Trike from Trident Trikes and upon delivery I contacted Joel @ Get Back Trikes, he came by my office, built it on site and did an awesome job! Joel was very professional and tweaked it to perfection, literally tailored like a custom fit suit and even offered to take me on a few trails in the next coming weeks. I highly recommend Get Back Trikes If you’re looking to get into Recumbent riding as Joel is very knowledgeable and can thoroughly assist you!

Name Your Price Policy

Only pay what you feel is a fair price for the labor done. We all love our bikes. If you will trust me with your beloved bike. I trust you will thank me for a job done well in return. I’ve been a part of the local recumbent community long enough to know it’s made of good people.
No travel charge within 10 miles of Davie, Florida.

Services Include:

  • Repairs
  • Part Upgrades
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Rider Fittings
  • Assembly of New Trike or Bike

Recumbent Bike

Hi, I’m Joel. I’ve been a bent rider and enthousiast for over 18 years, and have been wrenching bikes since my Stingray with a banana seat in the 70’s.

Here’s my modified RANS Stratus LWB recumbent in it’s racing configuration. Won 3rd place in the 2004 Human Power Races.

Here’s my own trike:
A previously owned, totally overhauled and modified, 2013 Catrike Road. I’ve dubbed her the Blue Meanie.”

Recumbent Trike

What’s your Major Malfunction?

Whether is something simple or complex, or just that annoying creak or clack. I’ll do my best to smooth out your ride.

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Some of the Trike & Recumbent Brands
we’ve worked on:

RANS Bikes



Triden Trikes

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The South Florida Recumbent Riders are a very diverse group of Trike and Bike Enthusiasts.

Enjoy lots of fun group rides and meet a bunch of bent folks in South Florida. Our rides range from Leisure Short Slow Rides to a few Advanced Faster Long rides and ANYTHING in between.

South Florida Recumbent Riders group members are spread from Weston, up to Delray, north to Polk City, across to Naples down to Homestead, and lots of nooks and crannies in between.


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